Strasbourg / France | new trip November 2015

Having been to Strasbourg already, it’s pretty comfortable to come to a city without having the pressure to “see it all”. Instead you can spend time hanging out, drink fine wine and enjoy the food.

Strasbourg | impressions.

One of the nice surprises is when you actually wanted to go somewhere else (more to that after November, 22nd) and end up in a place with great weather and get to see such a sunset. Could be worse.

2015-11-07 17_WZ

Strasbourg is a tiny but cosy city and if November surprises you with around 20 degrees you end up walking around in a tee and still sweating your ass of. Well, who wants to complain. Here is a shot of the river or canal or whatever the proper word is.

2015-11-08 11_WZ

One of the few upsides of autumn are the pretty trees, the strong yellow is not caused by photoshop manipulation.


Ok, another one of the river. I wish there was more to say to this. Pretty it is.


Typical houses in Strasbourg. Points out even more the coziness of this city.


Accommodation | Hotel Régent Petit France

We were lucky to manage getting a room on very short notice but we ended up having a great stayover.

Hotel Régent Petit France welcomed us with an extremely spacious and luxurious room, combining modern and classic elements. It actually made me want to hang out longer in the hotel, below you find a few small shots that will get you an idea.

collage_1_WZ collage_2_WZ

Food and Fashion

This section stays empty this time, great start I guess. In Strasbourg you’ll find tons of restaurant offering typical French food, mainly specialties from Alsace area (I strongly recommend to drive around to closeby villages, you’ll not regret it). Be careful though, tripadvisor (my favorite traveller’s app) is a great help not being trapped by tourist rip-off restaurants that are just overpriced.

Fashion, well not so sure what to say to that. There is no general judgement (is there ever?) when it comes to French fashion. Sometimes great and stylish, sometimes it looks like your grandma dumped those clothes 40 years ago. But who gives a fuck.

Pura vida.


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