Witty Warsaw / Poland | new trip November 2015

Let me be honest. When I thought of Warsaw I didn’t think immediately of a modern or luxurious city. But oh boy, was I wrong. Warsaw surprised me tremendously.

Although the way was a bit rocky (thanks to Lufthansa strike on this note), the actual date was pushed back two weeks, it was a great place that I’d recommend to anyone who likes some sightseeing with fascinating history while also having the chance to do some shopping.

Warsaw | impressions.

Through tripadvisor (by the way, next to Duolingo probably the greatest app for an ambitious traveller) we found a free walking tour with the orange umbrella. Our tour guide Gosia gave a fantastic 2,5 hrs tour in the freezing cold but kept it interesting at all times. Free walking tours are great because you get to learn a lot of things you wouldn’t find out wandering around by yourself. Also it’s a great efficient way to do a lot of things in a short matter of time. Our theme of the tour was “World War 2” and it was truly informative.









Accommodation | InterContinental Warsaw

Our stay this time was the cherry on top of the trip. As it was my birthday and my wife’s (late) birthday gift, I chose a decent place and we were surprised by friendly hotel staff that gave us a room with a splendid view from 37th level. You end up standing at the window and keep watching and watching and watching. The hotel room was spacious, clean and gave a good feeling of quality. Little things like a bottle of sparkling wine with cake as a surprise round off the great experience.collage_1

I don’t know how it is with you but I think every time that I go on a trip and keep telling myself that I should make use of the hotel gym, go running or at least take the steps. This time I actually made use of the chance. Gym, pool and jacuzzi are located on 43rd level and just couldn’t say no to that.

Living in Germany, the price for the hotel for around 100 Euro per night including breakfast was pretty affordable. Just so you know, they have a breakfast that makes you roll around the rest of the day.

Food | Hard Rock Cafe & Pasieka & Pijalnie Czekolady E.Wedel

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: “Hard Rock Cafe” is really not traditional Polish food. Guilty as charged. But on the other hand, have a look at the burger, the onion rings and the chicken wings below. I think that is reason enough to go there. Also now you know why I made it to the gym on that weekend. Prices for food below plus three drinks for around 40 Euro also seems pretty ok.

collage_HardRock Cafe

Definitively more traditional was Pasieka and it was delicious. We had dumplings filled with cheese and other filled with meat, mixed meat platter and hot wine. I cannot stress how recommendable it is and when the bill came, you’re surprised that it’s only 25 Euro in the end for everything.


A local chain – at least I think so – is famous for its hot chocolate and it served its purpose pretty well. After being cold from the walking tour, a hot chocolate with rum helped a lot. Also the rest of the day felt even nicer. What a surprise.


I still owe you the fashion part, well, let’s save the best for last.

Pura vida.



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