How to pick your Costa Rica spot: Limón part III/III

Here’s the third and final part of my guide to find the right beaches in Costa Rica on your next trip.

Limón province and especially the area around Puerto Viejo (which I focus on this time) is by far my personal favorite beach area. The Caribbean is definitely not for everyone but the laid back people and mood that you’re surrounded by simply gets me in pura vida mode. Nowhere else in Costa Rica I get that catch phrase that symbolises Costa Rica.

If you’re a person that needs a five star hotel and only luxury, you better go to other places in Costa Rica. On the Caribbean coast you rather find lodges within the forest that welcomes you with monkeys in the mornings. And that surely is a great thing.

Beaches in and around Puerto Viejo are numerous, pretty and all worth a visit. My favorite ones are from my perspective for sure  Playa Cocles (1st picture below), Playa Chiquita (2nd) and Punta Uva (3rd).

2015-09-19 12

DSC_0266 (2)


At the Southern end of the Caribbean coast, Punta Manzanillo, you’ll discover a perfect view that is hard to forget.



A fantastic place to go to can be found in the Jaguar Rescue Center. It’s a shelter for animals that were held in captivity or injured and are now being taken care of. If possible, the lovely creatures will be released into wildlife. I’ve visited twice and I’d recommend to anyone going there (pictures from within the center are below). As the rescue center is not funded by the government, people working there are fully volunteering which I find astonishing. So guys, if you are around that area:

1st: go and visit the Jaguar Rescue Center

2nd: give some tip to the tour guide and give a little donation

DSC_0192 (2)


Besides Puerto Viejo and beaches Southern of the town, another great place is Cahuita National Park.

It’s a great mixture of the possibility to stroll along the paths and enjoy pure nature, beautiful beaches and also the chance to go snorkeling.





Not included here but still it should be mentioned: you’ll find a variety of restaurants, cafés and bars in Puerto Viejo area and they’ll offer everything you could dream of from local Costa Rican food to greasy and delicious Pizza.

Don’t miss out on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, it’s pure happiness.

Pura vida.

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