Great Wall | China

” Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ” – Confucius –

When talking about my time in China it’s hard to convey the feeling that one gets living there. A lot of people have a hard time understanding why such a different culture – that most people only know from Western media impressions – can have a deep and profound impact on how you see life through other eyes.

My attempt is to convey some of these impressions through this and the following posts to give you – dear reader – the chance to see through my eyes what I saw.

If someone would ask you: what is that one place that you’d recommend everybody to just see it once in their life? For me it’s the Great Wall of China. There is a joke about a wall that is “just ok”, so it should be called “the ok wall of China”. Whoever said that probably only has been to the most crowded place right outside of Beijing. Every tour will bring you to Badaling and it’s not great, really just ok. You can’t move, too many tourists, too many Chinese trying to sell you souvenirs.

But, and here comes the greatness that caters for the name, if you go to Jinshanling – Simatai, it’s a whole different world. Our goal was to camp on the Great Wall and after driving for quite some time (around three hours), bribe the warden to let you pass and walking on the wall for another hour, you are there.

The sunrise was probably the single prettiest thing about nature that  I’ve seen while being moved by the peacefulness of the location.






Confucius is quoted with for lot of things but that he got right: beauty is a subjective point of view. To me, the Great Wall of China is an eternally beautiful experience.




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