give less fucks.


Did you ever think to yourself: where did all my time and energy go today?

Chances are that you gave too many fucks on that very day.

Reflect on what happened during that day:

Did you yell at the bastard in front of you on the road because he just had to squeeze in? Did you get really frustrated at the old lady in the supermarket waiting line because she was searching for pennies? Did you feel hopeless about the dumbass colleagues of yours that cannot get things right? Did you get upset about the slight chance that somebody could be talking about you?

What did it bring you? You spent all your energy on things that can’t be changed and damn, you gave too many fucks. There are more bastards that will cut you on the road and the only effect is that you arrive two minutes later. Same thing with the old lady in the supermarket and let’s be honest: that little penny really had a story to tell. Also, whenever you think that everybody else around is stupid, there is a possibility that you indeed are the dumbass.


Life is so much easier if you focus on things that you have an actual influence on, don’t waste time being grumpy or pissed. If you use a pragmatic approach to focus on what is possible, it will lead you to a more efficient and effective day. Not to mention that your heart is gonna thank you for not racing always on 200 pumps per minute.


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