haunted places: Sanatorio Durán. Costa Rica.

Are you one of those that believes in ghosts, witches and vampires?

I don’t. I really don’t. But when I visited Sanatorio Durán in Cartago, Costa Rica, just around the corner of Volcán Irazú, I doubted that. At least a little.

The facility was originally built and used as a tubercolosis clinic, however it has seen other purposes like an asylum for example. Rumors say that nowadays it’s crowded by ghosts. Ghost Hunters International filmed their stay, this will give you a good insight:

To get you in the mood for this place:

entrance of the Sanatorium.





DSC_0781 (2)


Especially “lovely” are the things you can find on the walls inside:






But here is the best part: greatest experience is to stay the night. Let me know if you survived it.


3 thoughts on “haunted places: Sanatorio Durán. Costa Rica.

      1. I was never there but your pictures are enough to do the trick. Haha. When (not if) I go back to Costa Rica who knows maybe i’ll be brave enough to check it out.

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