wherever you go, there you are. Frankfurt.

There are times where you just feel overwhelmed with the numerous places left to visit, food and drinks that have to be tried and pictures to be taken.

Especially if you’re looking around the blogger community, you can’t get around feeling miserable when you see that everybody seems to spend their time hanging around in Fiji Islands, Mozambique and that one country that you never even heard of. And what about you? You’re spending your days in Germany.

But there is always something to be grateful for (always always, no exceptions) and so you should maximize everything that you have. In my case, when going for a photo stroll with a friend, discovering the beauty of Frankfurt.

See for yourself:

2016-02-05 21
2016-02-05 21

2016-02-05 22

2016-02-05 21

2016-02-05 22

In the end, everything has beauty, you just need to make an effort to cherish it the way it is deserved.


4 thoughts on “wherever you go, there you are. Frankfurt.

  1. Wow, this is exactly how I feel!
    And your pictures are great! You might even succeed at letting Frankfurt seem like a great place to go!
    That is indeed a nice way to look at it. Let’s enjoy every moment we have! No matter where it takes place…

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