never heard of Kenya Airways?

You might have not heard of Kenya Airways, at least I didn’t before my first bigger trip of 2016 took me to the precious country of Kenya. Here is how that turned out.


Good thing is, if you haven’t heard of something, your expectations are pretty much unbiased. After my last long distance flights with Iberia and American Airlines, I guess my expectations are not high anymore. My favorite scene was on an Iberia flight to Costa Rica after 6 hours without any drinks and snacks, asking a flight attendant if there is anything to kill the hunger. Answer: “Could be that there are some nuts in the back”. And the not so friendly steward went off and was never seen again. Well, I’ve been telling myself to lose some weight, so going with Iberia seems to be the way to accomplish that. American Airlines, on the other hand, was a little more friendly but decided to take you (in all of the participating “planes”) in airplanes that have been built probably around the time when flying was invented.

However, I’m straying away. Going from Paris to Nairobi and then from Nairobi to Mombasa, I had a great time. Starting with a modern plane with quite some nice interior lighting and features like electronically shutting windows.



The plane (Boeing 787) was actually from this decade/century (Hello again! to Iberia and American Airways), and there is an entertainment system for every seat with USB charging possibility. That keeps you well entertained and faces you with another issue: sleeping vs. watching movies. Long story short, I went for movies.


The service was extremely friendly, food was of great quality (and quantity) and was finished off with a great Kenyan beer.




My favorite story of that trip: Air France assured us that our luggage would be transferred through Nairobi directly to Mombasa and nothing needed to be picked up. Standing at the gate in Nairobi after switching terminals, we were told that we should have picked up our luggage for transfer and everybody was wondering how Air France still hasn’t figured this out (apparently it happens very often). At least it lead us to a great experience, re-entering an airport through the staff entrance to pick up the luggage. That is why I love countries that are uncomplicated. And Kenya Airways.



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