review. Leopard Beach Resort, Diani Beach, Kenya.

There are a fantastillion of places that promise to bring you the best. Best food, best service, best spa, best in everything. A closer look often disappoints in the end. Let’s see how Leopard Beach Resort in Diani Beach, Kenya, turned out in the end, hopes were high.

2016-03-26 16.39.26.jpg

When you survived German winter – even if the past one felt a little like “spring light” – you can’t wait to get away from it all, especially if your last vacations have been six months ago. Even though we might not be the traveller type that needs luxury desperately, we do enjoy the pleasures of a fancy hotel. And this one treated us perfectly.

Starting with incredibly friendly staff that always had a smile for you. They were constantly helpful and interested in knowing if you were having a good time. I’m one of those that really appreciates human interactions with people so the feeling that you get there is of having a personal connection.

The whole area of the hotel, no matter if it was the rooms, the gardens, the restaurants, the pool area or the relaxing areas, was all in great shape and had an inviting effect.


2016-03-26 16.37.37.jpg



Obviously, when you’re going that close to the equator, you’re expecting heat and humidity. And it was awesome. Ok, I have to admit, as a white European, my challenges with burning equator sun are different than for my Costa Rican wife. Let’s put it that way, my color changes faster. Mine to red, her’s to tanned. Preferably you spend your time next to the pool or the ocean, both nicely close to each other at Leopard Beach Resort.



And to top it all off, the food is fantastic. We booked our stay with full-board plus which included breakfast, lunch and dinner plus drinks for the big meals. Usually when it’s sunny, appetite is not that big but the food is just too damn good. Lunch a la carte and dinner from a big buffet. Good that there’s a gym room.

And here’s my favorite part: daily at around 5pm, the monkeys gathered for eating and playing on the green grass. Pure joy to observe:


Some concerns I heard from people before: “Is Kenya really safe?” I can only speak for the impressions I got from the area and from driving to our safari trip, it feels safe and I wouldn’t be worried. You can perfectly roam the streets by yourself and discover a bit more of how life in Kenya is. From hanging around all day by the pool and staying in your hotel it will not happen.

Thanks Leopard Beach Resort for being great hosts.


facebook: Leopard Beach Resort & Spa



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