my 1.000 days streak on Duolingo.

Let’s face it. One of the most typical New Year’s Resolutions is to spend more time learning a language and exactly like the other resolutions: they never make it past writing them down. Duolingo changed this for me permanently.

Duolingo tree

One thing upfront: I love Duolingo with all my heart.

Before Duolingo (sounds a bit like “before Christ”) I started learning Spanish with several programs, books and apps. The result was always the same: I got bored and after a short time motivation went out the window. When I discovered Duolingo, I was deeply impressed by story behind it, somebody wanting to actually contribute to education for free while it would have been easy to focus on earning money with this.

These are a few of the languages that you can choose from coming from English:


To explain Duolingo briefly for those who have never tried it: to discover a language you have short lessons of around 5 minutes that teach you about a certain topic. The playful part is the biggest one behind it, I actually learned several grammatic tenses only through Duolingo without a proper structured overview.

It has become a daily habit of taking at least the time to do one lesson, no matter how stressful the day is. There is always time for 5 minutes of Spanish. Duolingo motivates you keeping up the work by adding up all the days that you did at least one lesson. Believe me, after the 10th day, you really don’t want to loose your streak (which can be quite challenging when you’re travelling).

After losing a streak of around 50 days (at least something like that), the motivation grew even bigger, my Spanish is fine for having small talk and finally I achieved 1.000 days in a row.

2016-03-24 20.52.26.png

Thanks to Duolingo and now please do me a favor and add Mandarin.

3 thoughts on “my 1.000 days streak on Duolingo.

  1. And here, I was proud of myself for getting a 54-day streak in French. Congrats on 1000 days! That’s insane! I love Duo Lingo. I used it during the months leading up to a trip to Austria so I could learn a bit of German. I love having it on my phone so I can do a lesson anywhere.

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  2. “I actually learned several grammatic tenses only through Duolingo without a proper structured overview.”

    Congrats on the achievement! I’d say the best way to sort out grammatical and structural items is not having a rigid structure in the first place (like the irregular verbs I had to learn through rote when I was a kid). So we figure out the structures ourselves. And yeah, Duolingo helps me realise I don’t need 60-minute classes to learn a language; it’s in every way motivating! 🙂

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