the only thing constant is “change”.

The good thing about life is that you never know what the future brings. So in the beginning of the year I was planning to have a three-destination trip (Singapore, Sri Lanka, Maldives) and maybe to something like Oslo, Lisboa or Istanbul. Well, things change.


The three-destination trip became a single-destination trip and changed from those three to Kenya and I loved it. Now I can’t wait to explore more of Africa which always used to be “far away” in my head. Also, more long distance trips are in the making: as of today I booked flights to Colombia. I’m already looking forward of finding out where to go and what to see (and of course where to take pictures). Also I booked today flights to Rome which also I’ve not seen yet. Besides that, we decided to spend Christmas 2016 in Costa Rica, I think life could be worse.

Pura vida.


5 thoughts on “the only thing constant is “change”.

    1. And Rome is Wonderful! I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did! Although I would definitely recommend Vatican City while you are there!!!

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