where I stayed: Hotel Adler, Madrid.

Recently we went for a spontaneous weekend trip from Frankfurt to Madrid, always to get out of the daily rut. Besides the fact that Madrid had fantastic 35 degrees, lots of great food and drinks waiting for us, the cherry on top was the 5* hotel we stayed at: Hotel Adler.

We were lucky enough to get the fantastic Junior Suite which was spacious, classic and felt very upscale.




Those are only short impressions from the room, I can tell you that the bathroom is actually as big as our apartment in Frankfurt (at least it felt like it).

Obviously, food is extremely important, so when I think about how a hotel was, I think of their breakfast. And I can tell you, this one will be in good memory. No buffet breakfast, instead a proper, well made breakfast. Scrambled eggs with bacon there: you have to try it.

Here is the entrance of the hotel:




Besides this, extremely friendly staff that helped us out with some guidance and insights on where to go in Madrid. The staff was so friendly to let me take some more pictures of other rooms, e.g. the Presidential Suite.



All in all, I think you get the idea: if you have the chance, stay there, you won’t regret it.


Contact details:

Hotel Adler homepage

Hotel Adler facebook


6 thoughts on “where I stayed: Hotel Adler, Madrid.

  1. Very cool! I’m loving to stay on good hotels lately.. Guess our love for hostels decrease as age increases… 😉 I became totally spoiled now! Even more if it’s a Design Hotel! Thanks for sharing the beautiful Adler! Will give it a try next time that I’m in Madrid! And if you are ever in Vienna, please don’t miss Ruby Sofie Hotel – very inexpensive Design Hotel! I loved it! oh, and you will definitely enjoy their breakfast! https://efzin.co/ruby-sofie-design-hotel-vienna/

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