never heard of Gyrocopter? fly with me.

As I’m taking usually pictures from cityscapes, I sometimes find it hard to force myself to take pictures while being on beach mode. When being at the beach, I prefer exchanging the camera for a cold beer instead (Imperial anyone?).

But while spending a great New Year’s Eve in Playa Sámara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, I received probably the greatest Christmas gift of all times from my wife: A flight with a Gyrocopter. I never heard of it before but the best description is like a flying mini-helicopter, usually made for a pilot and a guest. The views are simply amazing when going up, seeing crocodiles, dolphins and sting-rays from above.

The last picture by the way is the beach in front of Mel Gibson’s house which is for sale for a solid price of $ 25 million.

If your mouth is getting watery right now, check Jörg’s page out.


One thought on “never heard of Gyrocopter? fly with me.

  1. Love the photos! It must have been an awesome experience. I did a Gyrocopter flight a few years ago. As I did have a pilots license of my own the pilot let me fly front seat. It was like riding a motorcycle in the sky. I’ll never forget that! Thanks for sharing!


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